Alvaro Mesa & Thimble

  • Lake Stage

We present the “Special Dj Set” and we do it for the first time in what will be our second edition of these two artists.  Álvaro Mesa and Thimble are working on a new project that will come out at the end of this year or the beginning of 2020 that they have already announced. The duo that to date has gone solo is developing a format that mixes the coldness and electronics of Alvaro Mesa with the warmth and melodies of Thimble, one of the producers with more projection. We are anxious to see them live in what will be two hours of intense set for Friday night in our Forest Stage. It’s the first time they’ve performed in this format looking for a different sound. The DJ set of Alvaro Mesa’s performance was one of the best according to attendees our first edition, who is at the most compromising moment of his career with our colleagues “Fiesta&Bullshit” from Ibiza. We are impatient for what will be the union of forces of these artists with a promising future.




Listening to music for as long as he could remember and aspiring to more than just listening to it, Álvaro Mesa began to relate to vinyl and to his professional career at the end of 2005. His sound is an evolution of 14 years of work that make him have a personality and maturity in front of the unmistakable decks. His soul and identity are the enveloping melodies and atmospheres with resounding drums, always betting on the different, elegant and unique. It is a reference in the main clubs and festivals in Spain and active in countries such as Germany, Italy, Poland or Portugal. Nowadays he is one of the fundamental artists of Métrica, considered one of the best promoters and label of the south of Spain. At the same time, he is in the most compromising project of his career, being the only official resident of the brand, magazine and international platform “Fiesta & Bullshit” residing in the white island, Ibiza.


Born and raised in southern Spain, thimble is an artist who belongs to a new generation of Spanish electronic music producers who come to leave their mark.

His passion for electronic music and experimentation, makes his songs are not subject to a particular style, passing through sounds such as afro house, Deep house, deep-tech and sometimes with Indie influences.  His music is loaded with harmonies that evoke deep sensations, combining rhythms in which a mixture is observed between the electronic and the organic.

His productions, in addition to having been received by labels with repercussions such as Nazca Records, Seven Villas Music, Plano B, Tulipa recordings or Métrica among others (following in the footsteps of their artists of reference), are being supported by top-level artists.