Located in the natural park of Los Alcornocales, Cádiz, Wakana offers 180.000 hectares of Nature and Peace.

Carretera Benaluz – Casas Viejas, Km.6,5
11190 Benalup, Cádiz (Spain)

By Plane

The closest international airport is the Málaga one. It’s 1 hour and a half away. GIBRALTAR, JEREZ and SEVILLA are good options too.

By Train

The train nearest station is Jerez. It’s 50 minutes from here. GIBRALTAR, MÁLAGA and SEVILLE are also good options.

By Taxi

There will be a taxi stand in our parking lot. The taxi to the nearest town costs 5€.

By Bus

Coming by bus to Wakana Reunion is a great option. Most bus tickets in Spain can be booked from movelia.es. If you have problems with Movelia, try alsa.es, the biggest single bus company in Spain.


We highly encourage carpooling to those who have the possibility to do so! In our Facebook group you can offer empty seats to or from Wakana Reunion to fellow travellers or ask them to share their ride with you.