Status of Wakana Reunion

Dear Wakana Family,

Since the beginning, Wakana Reunion has been a place and time for connection, of magic in the air.

Our festival has brought thousands of people together from over thirty countries to dance, laugh and dream beneath the Andalusian sky. We have made new friends, strengthened bonds, and we have felt what it is like to be a part of something bigger.

The Wakana Reunion team has put in incredible effort to bring our family together once again and this year, on top of the effort, we have lit every candle, offered every praise and sung every song in order to make it a reality.

But unfortunately, our dreams and wishes have not come true and we must inform you that Wakana Reunion and it’s magic is still on its way and will land next year on our traditional spring weekend, May 21-23, 2021. 

Despite the love, energy, and perseverance we have put into celebrating Wakana Reunion, the times we are living in are complicated to say the least. We tried adapting to every changing moment and circumstance—for a moment we truly believed we would be meeting this September—but the continued changes have made it impossible to move forward.

Wakana Reunion is freedom, smiles, and hugs. It is a family united in celebration where our loving embraces and our personal expressions are our greatest protagonists. The latest regulations—the segmentation of spaces and separation of areas—go against the nature and philosophy of our festival. As such, we feel it is in the best interests as well as the health and safety of everyone to celebrate Wakana Reunion when we can move and dance freely.

As we have mentioned in the past, WR is a small, family-run festival. We have poured all of our efforts into curating the 2020 WR edition (twice, now) and it is with great respect that we remind you that hundreds of refunds now would be financially unsustainable for us. So we ask you, our family, to empathise and to help support us because we need you. Help #SAVEOURSCENE.

The easiest and simplest way to help #saveourscene is to hold onto your ticket as it will become valid for our next edition. Or, if you’re unsure if you can make it next year, you will also be able to validate your ticket for Wakana Reunion 2022 or 2023. We are also facilitating name changes so that you can pass your ticket onto a friend to help grow our family and, finally, you can also donate a portion of the ticket price in case you request a refund.

In exchange for your most generous assistance in helping #saveourscene, you will get an exclusive “Members Ticket” discount (3 Days Tickets – 85€), so you can enjoy it in others editions or give it to a friend., You will also get advantages such as priority purchase for future editions, among others! More info coming soon.

If you do require a refund, you can begin the process by clicking this link or completing the refund form on our website. The refund period will remain open for the next fifteen days only, right up until August 30 when it will close at 10am. All tickets not processed during this period will automatically be validated for the 2021 edition of Wakana Reunion. 

Please be aware, though, that ticket prices for Wakana Reunion 2021 will begin at 130so that any new ticket purchasers do not gain any advantage over our family who have already bought their tickets.

From the team at Wakana Reunion, we want to take this moment to thank you all for your love and support throughout these trying times. For those that have reached out and helped us along the way, we are already looking forward to making Wakana Reunion 2021 the most magical, the most amazing, and the most free celebration that our family has ever experienced. Will you be ready?

See you next year at Wakana Reunion!

Thank you,