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Sonido Sur (live)

  • Date: Sunday, 19 May

  • Time: 11:00 - 12:00

  • Stage: Palapa


Felipe Duarte, Zaringzwa, born in the South American Andes in the city of Bacata (Bogota). He lives in Berlin and travels around offering ceremonies for the moon and the sun, Reiki therapies, circles of word, circles of ancient medicine (guided by the Taita Isaias Guacamayo from the Amazonas), music (Sonido Sur) and sharing ancient stories that bring us closer to a native identity where we recognise our unity between humans, the universe and nature. In his path he has been learning from sharing words and thoughts with the indigenous families of the Arhuacos, Wiwa, Kichwa, Kamentsa and Muisca. These worldviews close related in science and essence with Hinduism and Buddhism. Besides Music and Theater he has studied Economics. This background has been the base for the  workshops he organises for diverse companies to reconnect to the intuitive knowledge, by exercising the power of improvisation to reach valuable and conscious decisions, vital to the sustainability of any project.