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The other Narcissus tree

The goal of the installation is to generate an experience based on an artistic visual perception with aspects that unite three elements of nature; The earth, air and water.

The project offers three readings or interpretations; the first is the transformation of one of the most characteristic elements from Wakana, its trees. The second invites your eyes to evoke an ecological idea in the installation; for this purpose she uses aesthetic elements from the water, the blue tones and the movements of the waves, that we take out of their environment and we install in a tree covering it with plastic curtains that will become alive thanks to the air currents.

The use of plastic lies in the idea of water pollution through the millions of tons of plastic in different formats that humans throw in the oceans. The visualization of the plastic in the trees externalizes the issue.

The name of the project comes after seeing that the biggest ecological problem on the planet is not humans, but the practices and habits that we have as a society, by letting ourselves be carried away by the ego and trying to be on top of the rest of the factors that conform the ecosystem we live in.

It is a relatively affordable and easy installation, not harmful to the environment in which the plastic is and will be reused in different locations once the festival is over.

Born in Seville, her family book is more like a book of artists. Sarah grew up between creatives and creators of very different disciplines. That, along with the decision to become an entrepreneur, has opened her eyes and the paths to the creative industries. For years she has participated both from a theoretical and practical level in different projects such as murals or concerts, or temporary works in museographic companies or artists' studios. All this as part of the collage that shapes Sarah as an artist and as a person.