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  • Date: Saturday, 18 May

  • Time: 23:00 - 01:00

  • Stage: Main


MoM experienced his very first contact with a turntable in 1989, in his town of birth Córdoba (Spain), led to it by an impassioned attraction of Acid-House music and the earliest Funky-Disco editions.

The first years‘ overflowing energy started turning into a restless search of music deepness, the label WORKS’ deep-house being the beginning of o change that , after several years, would be related to a substantial drawdown of pitch in the tracks also.

His wide experience altogether with creativity headed MoM to a new professional challenge, successfully leading the marketing department of the record label Pep’s Records (Madrid).

There’s an intense attraction for artists like  Acid Pauli, Nu, Dixon, Bedouin, Rampue, Amê, Nicolas Jaar, Mira, Feathered Sun, Damian Lazarus, DJTennis, Mano Le Tough or David August,  and record labels like Innervisions, Crosstown Rebels, LNDKHN, Sol Selectas, ZZK, Laut & Luise or Underyourskin Records.

He recorded Home within the renowned Mexican label Akumandra (Andante) in December 2105, a three-hours-mix composed by artists such as Feathered Sun, Nicola Cruz, Oceanvs Orientalis, Sabo or LUM among others. This definitely marked a turning point in his career, because of its worldwide echoes online listening average besides the arrival of first edits which become essential in DJ’s cases like Rampue, Acid Pauli, Mika Dutsch, Milo Häfliger, Goldcap, Just Emma, Eduardo Castillo, etc. One of them, Nicolas Jaar’s-And  I Say, was 2016 top ten on the free download platform Sweet Melodic.

The biggest transformation comes when he moves to Conil de la Frontera, Cádiz. The etnic element acquires a higher profile, and the interest of making his own works begins to come true. He meets Jose Carlos Acal, a half of the eclectic  sevillian band Holed Coin which soon becomes well known, and they created Holed of MoM, a production format including remixer and live set, that has already been performed in cities such as Berlín. Now they have just published their first remix, Foreign Guest-Morva (Holed of MoM remix) within Underyourskin Records, and AA/ZZK Records will publish the second single by Rio Mira, which is called Agua and includes a Holed of MoM-remix. In May of 2017 begins to produce HOME, Land of Bes, a journal of radio show next to JZ, for Pure Ibiza Radio.

For music, as well as for living, MoM learns how to enjoy the process by downplaying the importance of the goal.   A performance which can always be summed up by the word: l@ve.