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The Holy of the Earth

Artists like the pyramids, corresponding to their "shape and size", transmit in their environment a certain type of energy, which changes the person and its world inside.In a usual situation, when nothing, besides art can do this work, is where Art makes this easily elegant with the symbols and forms that belong to the invisible and sacred world that inhabits each person's interior. Art enters through the back door and does its work in the dark sea of the subconscious so that we may for the first time feel ourselves healthy, pure and holy in the sacred temple of our Soul.

Ivy is an artist who lives in Tarifa were she has created her art brand @INBALANCE in 2013. Since then, apart from her career of plastic arts and 10,000 hours of studies involving the human model, she experiments with different shapes and sizes: Urban Art, screen printing, printing on clothes, designs & decoration.
There are 2 mural that she has created in Tarifa: one is on the promenade and the other one at the the Guzmán el Bueno gym installations made with the City Council of Tarifa as part of the first Urban Art contest in Tarifa. "With my work I am trying to bring to the public an idea of respect for the world, nature and the people around us, trying to bring a holistic and healthy vision to the art market, and to remember that the greatest power of art is to bring changes."