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Bola Galáctica

One day he decided to purchase three high power LEDs while buying some materials for the "StarGate"-laser, another of his creations. They were lying around without purpose. Meanwhile in a warehouse in Tarifa was a big disco ball stored since some time where it happened that he fixed a machine for a friend, saw the ball and told his friend that he wanted it in exchange. He organised it and after some time Flow had it at home with him. Then he remembered the LEDs and the idea was born. A few months later and loads of trying, testing and working it out it became reality... And yes, it'll be spinning at WAKANA too - the perfect venue.

There will also be a big screen and a bunch of other exciting things, so let's get creative!

Flow, born close to Munich, lived his childhood around Nuremberg and since he was 13 years he has been away from Germany, mostly living around Tarifa in southern Spain. Handyman, music lover and into electronics, creates interesting creative and transformative mixes. Many creations arise when the time is right. No pressure, a bunch of stuff already "waiting", many possibilities and his new project is born.