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Chelo Soto (live)

  • Date: Friday, 17 May

  • Time: 18:00 - 19:00

  • Stage: Main


Chelo Soto Robles, cantaora from Malaga who has demonstrated her great talent in numerous places on the flamenco scene, such as peñas, festivals and recitals inside and outside Spain. She began her career in the world of music at the age of 16, singing in the dance company of Susana Lupiáñez. In this for two years begins to train professionally acting in the theater of Nerja, Teatro Alameda, flamenco festivals, auditoriums and so on. That served him to acquire experience and transmit more security.

Throughout his career he has had the opportunity to participate in different record projects and in numerous festivals such as the Luna Mora de Carratraca, Río del Campo (Río Gordo), Festival Flamenco de Canillas de Aceituno, the first flamenco festival of Romi and the flamenco festival of Geneva among others. He has also worked in the famous tablao El Cordobés (Barcelona 2015 and 2016).

He has won the first prize in the La Torre del Cante 2017 competition, considered one of the most important in Andalusia, as well as being part of the tribute to Paco de Lucía in Malaga, Camarón in Germany and El Chino de Málaga in the Flamenco Biennial. For some years now (2010) he has been part of Joaquín Cortés' flamenco company, with which he has worked in Russia, South America, Miami, the United States, Turkey, Mexico, Portugal, Madrid and Barcelona.

She has also accompanied artists of the stature of Antonio Carmona, José Suarez "el Paquete", El Negri (Barbería del Sur) and in the dance to Paloma Fantova, Karime Amaya, Belén López (in Joaquín Cortés' show), has a peculiar voice that hypnotises everyone who listens to her and a power that is difficult to reach, which is why she is called upon to become one of the references of flamenco in the province of Málaga.