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Ceremony of Crystals in Full Moon in Scorpio

  • Date: 18 - 19 May 2019

  • Time: Saturday, 12:00 - 13:00 / Sunday, 11:00 - 12:00

  • By: Lucia Cervera


Ceremony of Crystals in Full Moon in Scorpio

Quartz is one of the most abundant minerals on planet Earth. For many ancestral peoples, they are pieces of crystallized memory that tell the story of the Earth, are our grandmothers stones, which emanate a very stable and powerful energy of healing, and are strongly connected with the moon and the tides.

The full moon is a time to celebrate, and we have the opportunity to look at those areas that illuminate with their light, those hollows of the soul that otherwise we can not see because they are in the shade. Scorpio is the second archetype of water inside the zodiac wheel, which takes us to the depths of our emotions, to that underworld that when entering, the clear waters are stirred and blurred with their intensity, in order to bring to light the hidden shadow and that we can look at it to be able to integrate it. It is an astrological moment where we open ourselves to all our personal power. To the psychic abilities that we have, intuition is enhanced and we connect with our most savage and creative sexuality.

In the crystal ceremony we connect with this astrological climate, we honor this awakening of personal power aided by the powerful stable energy of crystals, quartz and other minerals, to connect with our personal medicine and thank the Earth for the support. We will do a meditation and clean energy with crystals and water, to adjust our internal tides to those of the Earth and the Universe. We will make an offering or payment to the Earth with the crystals, by the waters that flow within us and those of the planet. In this way, we clean and raise the vibration we emit, and open ourselves without fear to those psychic faculties that we carry inside.

We can bring our amulets and crystals to carry the energy that is generated in the circle, and thus anchor it and accompany us after the ceremony.

Shamanic and spiritual astrology

Astrology is the science of looking at the stars and connecting with the experience brought to us by the constellations. For centuries the ancestral peoples have been connected to the movement of the stars, understanding that we are the Universe, that we are dust of stars, that we are part of something much bigger than this inside each being. Understanding that as it is above, it is below, that as it is outside it is inside, that time is cyclic and spiral, when we look at the stars we connect with our spiritual essence.

Shamanic astrology is an approach gestated by Karina Falcón, medicine woman and astrologer, creator of The Lunar Woman, who has unified her astrology studies with her connection with the grandparents and grandmothers of the Mayan and Toltec tradition, and this approach is born. that we are spiritual beings living a human experience, looking at the stars and listening to the message they bring us. To adjust our minor rhythms to the greater rhythms of the Universe is to surrender to the Great Mystery, God the Father Mother, or as each one feels to call it, that energy of life that takes us along the path that we have chosen to live as souls, and transcend this material reality towards a greater opening of the Spirit on Earth.


Lucia Cervera (Medicine Woman). I was born 34 years ago, in Spain, and for several years I live a deep connection with South America, especially with Argentina and Colombia, where I have lived lately. In these places I was blessed with the birth of my 2 daughters, connecting with ancestral midwifery, shamanism and spirituality, in sacred lands full of magic, mysticism and crystals, where I learned from Earth and connected with the Ancestral Memory.

I am a weaver and I have been working with stones and crystals for 20 years, making handicrafts with macramé, metals and leather with the purpose of beautifying and connecting with our personal therapeutic power. For 10 years I have been learning from the world of herbal medicine, making products of cosmetics and natural medicine with plants, which I use to heal myself and my family. I really like aromatherapy and combine the stable energy of the stones with the most subtle of the essences of the plants.

For years I connected with my personal moon, through my menstrual cycle, and from there I began to connect with the major rhythms of the Universe, through biodynamics, and lately more specifically with shamanic and spiritual astrology.

I am a companion of Sacred Feminine Processes, doula forming me as an ancestral midwife. I have studies on shamanic and spiritual astrology that I continue and will continue to expand, because I love watching and studying the stars. I am a guide for women's circles and mixed astrological circles. I also share cacao medicine in ceremonies. I am currently beginning to share the knowledge acquired along the way through rituals, ceremonies, workshops, training and individual accompaniment therapies. I offer readings of astral charts, personalized amulets of power and synergies with the individual essence.

I love to sing and dance, medicine that I use in the proposals I offer, with the purpose of connecting through movement and vibration with our sexuality and thus with our personal power of creation, with all our inner light, and free ourselves from the excess of domestication / education that takes us away from our most pure and wild essence.