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May 18-19-20, 2018

Patrick McCreanor


From Irish and Spanish descent, Patrick McCreanor was born & raised in Marbella, Andalusia. From an early age he was always drawn to music which initially took him to mixing & scratching hip hop & funk for a nu-metal band and playing around with fruity loops.

However the draw of electronic music was soon to take over and since 2009 he started experimenting with vinyl on his decks at home. Deciding early on that music was definitely going to be his answer he started his professional DJ career in 2013.

Subsequently moving to Tarifa to follow his other passion, that of kiteboarding, where he excels on a pro level saw him participating in the 2014 World Kiteboarding Tour.

Full of energy, enthusiasm and determination Patrick soon set about to put his stamp on his newly found base and has actively forwarded the Underground scene in Tarifa as a solo artist and as a promoter with his brand he founded with Alessio Pessin, Friendly People Music with annual summer residencies in Banti, La Ruina and most importantly Café del Mar, sharing the cabin with Kevin Yost, Dirty Doering, Wade, Mark Yenkyns, Yamil, Kuo Climax, Floyd Lavine, Ismael Rivas, Luixar KL and many other emerging producers.

In 2016 he joined forces with Susie Kiddle a previous pioneering promoter of the electronic scene from the early 90´s with her co-owned brand Deep and together they formed Deeper which continues to attract an ever growing movement of like minded music loving people both in Marbella & Tarifa.

As if all this wasn´t enough, he took his first steps into that of producer, discovering his minimal techno psyche which led him to release his first EP on Totum Music at the beginning of 2017.

At the end of last year Patrick, supposedly following the wind, landed in Cape Town where he immediately thew himself into the scene there. He rapidly made a name for himself in less than 3 months playing in established festivals such as Equinox Experience, MCQP in the Castle and also the pre & after party for Lighthouse Festival, held residencies in 3 of the best underground clubs, Tau, Reset and Modular under his various promotor guises, all of which led to a resounding success.

With several years of constantly playing out under his belt Patrick now has the assured experience of someone older, skilfully able to read a crowd´s needs at a glance whilst leading them to that all important finale of wanting more.

Capable of playing many genres, adapting to the conditions at hand, he eclectically fuses deep house through to techno whilst sticking to his trademark identity, that of a timeless, elegant groove.



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