1 lake / 3 days / 32 musicians
Expand your mind at Wakana Lake

May 18-19-20, 2018



Hot rhythms and refreshing melodies, shouts of joy and rage, jungle percussions and mysterious sounds. Ominira – which means freedom in Yoruba – is presented as a guitar, trumpet and electronics trio that explores the world of dub and tribal trip-hop in search of a new musical experience that aims at denouncing the environmental deterioration. Unconventional but easy music that invites the listener to enter into a spiritual sphere in which nature has an unequivocal presence.



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We love music for what it is: a form of expression for human and nature, to communicate with each other. So then, music is art and art is something that last in time, that make a difference. We love it in all its ways.

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Be inspired, interact, expand your mind and current perspective. Wakana will be offering a diverse program of wellness & mindfulness workshops as well as an array of art installations for you to experience and discover.

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Blues and folk, funk and soul, flamenco and cumbia, drums and guitars, outstanding voices and big hearts, they’ll all take their hands together to embrace us all and make us dance at the same rhythm in this beautiful melting pot of musicality.

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