1 lake / 3 days / 32 musicians
Expand your mind at Wakana Lake

May 18-19-20, 2018

Luis Hermosilla


He is “millennial” by miracle and was born with a beard and a beer under his arm. This sanluqueño of origin and tarifeño of heart makes that his style flows between the chords of funky, soul and reggae, but it does not leave you without a good rock roll to do cartwheels. If you do not want to lose his track, you will see him playing and opening bottles of jager in Tumbao tarifa and Café del Mar among other places.



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We love music for what it is: a form of expression for human and nature, to communicate with each other. So then, music is art and art is something that last in time, that make a difference. We love it in all its ways.

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Be inspired, interact, expand your mind and current perspective. Wakana will be offering a diverse program of wellness & mindfulness workshops as well as an array of art installations for you to experience and discover.

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Blues and folk, funk and soul, flamenco and cumbia, drums and guitars, outstanding voices and big hearts, they’ll all take their hands together to embrace us all and make us dance at the same rhythm in this beautiful melting pot of musicality.

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