The art of Koyac

April 24, 2018 by quino

KOYAC and Wakana Lake Reunion, a collaboration full of contemporary art.

With the help of KOYAC, a project to promote contemporary art collecting, young European artists will perform at Wakana Lake Reunion during the next 18, 19 and 20 May.

In a “andalusian cortijo” in the middle of nature converted into a museum, and in the context of an exclusive festival of instrumental and electronic music, KOYAC will exhibit works by some of the artists who the original gallery offers on its platform, coming from galleries from different parts of Europe. In addition, the exhibition will be complemented with site specific works made by some of these artists, completely integrated in the nature of the place.

These are the artists that will participate in Wakana Lake Reunion with Koyac:

Simon Linington

Simon Linington, ‘In public view (grafitti seen on my walk to the studio), 2017

London-based artist Simon Linington has preserved a mopped floor’s liquid in it’s original state, along with a year’s recollected trash, as a manifest of measuring the passage of time. “I think it’s natural to try and preserve something you have an attachment to, that’s falling apart”. There’s a fine line between life and work, private and public, or material and place within his works. His site-specific pieces display the artist’s personal feelings about the environment he lives and works in. By viewing the landscape or exhibition space as an empty body, he can then add a mood or feeling onto it. It makes sense that his current solo show “Everything Is Medicine” is taking place in a home environment. Lily Brooke, London is playing host to a variety of Simon’s works, including a recurring textile piece, placed in between the gaps of the wall, or an installation incorporating rocks with hidden messages amongst other works.

Simon Linington (b. 1983 Isle of Wight) graduated in Sculpture at Chelsea College of Arts in 2006. He has exhibited at Lily Brooke, London; Divison of Labour, London; the Museum of Contemporary Art Project Space, London; The Arts Gallery, London, Space In Between, London, Departure Gallery, London; Fold Gallery, London; James Taylor Gallery, London; amongst others. He has been awarded the Emerging Artist Bursary from the Royal British Society of Sculptors (2010) and was a finalist at the Best Emerging Sculptor in Britain award (2012), at Christies. Residencies include Pivo, Sao Paulo; Emma Thomas, Sao Paulo; Los Gazquez, Spain; Culture Vultures, Morocco. Simon is currently living and working in London.


James Lomax

James Lomax, site specific installation proposal for Wakana Lake Reunion

Through his practice Lomax is testing materials and alienating their processes. Each installation, or body of work, comes from a place; be that a memory or a physical location. This often begins through walking, documentation and an extensive archive of photographs. A colour palette is considered and selected through the materials’ natural existence whilst form and physicality is often dictated by a material’s capabilities.

Lomax reinterprets these domestic materials. Often found on construction sites, cement, bathroom silicone, OSB and adhesives have been repurposed to produce a fragile installation. The situation of unease created is directly related to the vulnerability of the materials as the destruction enfolds throughout. Though there is a parallel between the materials used and the methods of making the resulting work holds no association to its primary use.

James Lomax studied at the Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art, Oxford. In 2014 he was awarded a Sky Arts Academy Scholarship and more recently he has undertaken residencies at The New Art Gallery Walsall (in partnership with Eastside Projects) and Ikon Gallery, Birmingham.


Marco Giordano

Marco Giordano lives and works in Glasgow, UK. working across different medias such as painting, sculpture, site specific installation and collaborative community projects, Giordano utilises ephemera from pop culture and everyday, making different combinations of objects and materials, playing with the visual and literal meaning in order to change their function and alter the way we perceive them. By changing the context, introducing these first into the studio and then in the exhibition space,  Giordano disrupts the object’s original meaning thus creating new perspective and form of understanding.

Solo shows include: Self-fulfilling-ego, Jupiter artland, Edinburgh, UK (2017); Cutis, Project room Glasgow, UK. asnatureintended, Frutta gallery, Rome, Italy, 2016.Group shows include: I scream, you scream, we all scream for Icecream, Fondazione Baruchello, Rome; The gap between the fridge and the cooker, The Modern Institute, Glasgow (2017).


Mina Hamada & Zosen

Hamada y Zosen mural intervention ©Marco Memoli

Mina Hamada is a Japanese painter, whose work is characterized through abstract and organic shapes in soft, bright and warm colours on a monochrome background in flat and soft forms harmoniously balanced, while a very special rhythm share her good vibes. The artist works self-concentrated and investigates unknown fields of painting from the unconscious and improvisation. She has lately focused her work on big mural pieces.

She usually works with Zosen, whose work is characterized by its neon colors and geometrical shapes mixed with other symbols, creating his own mythological world. He began painting grafitti when he was 11 in Argentina, when he would paint the names of his crew. At the age of 12 he moved to Barcelona where he continued practicing grafitti. In Barcelona he was very much influenced by the Punk movement and the “So it yourself” culture, and finally graduated in visual arts and design in the school of la Llotja.

Nowdays he keeps doing grafitti, which combines with projects of murals and working as a teacher of Street Art and Public Space. He also does illustration, performance, video, and fashion design, being the founder of the brand “Animal Bandido”. Their work has been exhibited all over the world, from Europe to Asia and also Latin America and the United States.